Take a Stripper with You to Sapphire


Wandering down the strip, you probably have only one thing on the brain (especially if you've had a few drinks already). Well, maybe you have three things on the brain: girls, girls and girls. Nothing wrong with that. You're in Las Vegas, so naturally you are going to want to see some girls, and see some girls naked. You'd probably preferably want to have one of those girls naked back in the hotel room, but it's hard to be choosy, especially when some of these girls are drop dead gorgeous. So, seeing them in the Vegas native element of dancing on an elevated table might just have to do. While walking down the Strip, you'll come across all sorts of different clubs, and if you have looked up any of the strip clubs in the city, you've probably come across the world famous Sapphire strip club. This club is known to have some of the best women in the city, not to mention a rather interesting setup. There are skyboxes inside of the club, so you literally can have a birds eye view of all the girls in the club. Nothing wrong with that. Unless, of course, you're just not able to make it into one of the skyboxes, or even into the club at all. What in the world would you do then?


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Spearmint Rhino is Awesome When You Also Bring a Private Stripper

sr logo

When checking out all of the different strip clubs in Vegas and doing your do diligent research on the different adult entertainment options, you are going to almost always stumble across the Spearmint Rhino in Las Vegas. This is one of the high end strip clubs in Sin City. And a club doesn't reach the top without good reasons. The talent in the club is top notch, the lighting is too dark where you're stumbling over three decade old couches that haven't been cleaned since the day it was installed. No, it is clean, fun and always a good time. So how could you go wrong with the Las Vegas Spearmint Rhino strip club? It all just comes down to how you want to spend your time and how you want to spend your money. Time, being the great commodity nobody has enough of. As a top level strip club, it receives more visitors than most other clubs in the city. More attention means more visitors, which means longer lines, harder to order drinks and fewer girls to the guys. All the women on the website are going to look out of this world attractive, but your chance of actually spending any sort of quality time with the women at this Las Vegas strip club is extremely slim.


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Discover More of Treasures When You Show Up with Our Girls


With a name like Treasures strip club, how can you not want to go to it. If there is one kind of treasure Las Vegas is known for, it is certainly the strippers and adult entertainment you can find. The adult club also lets you know that you really don't need to go searching for it at all. It is right there in front of you for the taking. You might need to go all buccaneer style on the other men in the club in order to keep the rights to your buried treasure, but that is to be expected, right? Drink your rum, fight off the other pirates and keep hold of what you have pillaged. Treasures Las Vegas has a reputation for being one of the best strip clubs in Las Vegas.  

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Ride in with a Private Dancer When You Go to Palomino Club

Club Palomino

So, you've done all your research and you have your heart set on the Las Vegas Palomino Club. If you have your heart set you should probably go, right? After all, a stripper here is unlike any other stripper you are going to find at any other Las Vegas strip club. You've been to the website and it obviously has some of the most beautiful women you have ever seen. But is that really the case? Sure, the Las Vegas Palomino Club has more money to put into itself than some of the other strip clubs out there. That doesn't make it better. It does mean more people are going to be heading that way. If you have ever been in a strip club before, you probably know what it is like to sit in a crowded club where the guys outnumber the strippers 10 to one. Of course, this club is probably nowhere near what the Palomino strip club is, which means on any given night, the men are going to outnumber the women 20 or even 40 to one. Does that really sound fun? Waiting around outside for hours to get into the Palomino Club Las Vegas, then waiting around inside to find a table, only to wait around more to actually catch the attention of a stripper. If you aren't real choosy, you can just go with the first stripper who comes your way and cross your fingers she's good. If not, it just adds to the waiting. So what on earth are you suppose to do? Well, hire your own stripper to enjoy the nightlife. Isn't it obvious?

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BYOG: Bring Your Own Goddess to Olympic Gardens


Who doesn't like naked women 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Add in a second floor and now you're just doubling your pleasure and doubling your fun, but the one thing Double-mint gum has that Olympic Gardens doesn't have is instant flavor. Olympic Gardens is one of the crown jewels in the world of Las Vegas strip club and adult entertainment, but with that crown jewel comes a bit of a price. After all, with fame and fortune comes crowds, lots and lots of crowds, and money, lots and lots of money, in order to fund the venture. And guess where all of the money and time from the crowds comes from? If you guessed yourself, you would be correct.

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Our Girls Show the Best of Hustler's Las Vegas

larry flynts strip club logo

You've grown up knowing Hustler and its connection to adult entertainment. Once you discovered that something was indeed more hardcore than Playboy, you probably stuck with it, especially before the age of the Internet where you had to rely on people picking up magazines for you or snooping into your older brother's bedroom. So now, all of your dreams have come to fruition and you are planning a trip to the world famous Las Vegas strip club. With so much attention to the the name, why wouldn't it be the time of your life? Well, imagine waiting to pick up your first copy of Hustler, only to find the wait to get to the front of the convenience store is several hours long. There's a booze shortage in the city and that store, for whatever reason, is the only one selling alcohol. So, you wait around the corner to pick up that one copy of Hustler. Yet, you see all around you locations with strippers and other attractive adult entertainment. The line is moving slowly into the store, but people are walking in and out of all the other stores, copies of other naughty magazines in their hands. If this rather bizarre situation played out, would you stick to your guns and wait in line for that ultimate copy of Hustler, or would you just say screw it, go across the street, and pick up something just as good? Do you really want to spend your entire trip to Las Vegas waiting in line for Hustlers Las Vegas? Ain't nobody got time for that! Well, that is exactly what goes down with the actual Hustlers Las Vegas club. Everyone wants to see the women from the magazines in the Hustlers strip club. While, the women who appear in the magazines only appear in special presentations (which means the lines are even longer). That doesn't mean you need to go home empty handed though. It just means you need to look for a better alternative, where the party starts as soon as you walk into the door and it lasts all night for as long as you want it.

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How to Double Dip at Drai's Nightclub Las Vegas


There are two kinds of people when it comes to visiting Vegas. There are those who just kind of wing it and then there are those individuals who like to do research, prepare themselves and find the best way to have fun and to spend time in Sin City. Now, even those who don't do any research are probably going to check out a few of the strip clubs online. After all, if you are going to spend time in Vegas and you want to see some of those mouth watering beauties, chances are you want to know what strippers are the best and who puts on the best adult entertainment show around. For anyone checking out Las Vegas strip club reviews and websites, Drai's Nightclub strip club is going to show up near the top of the list. The party never ends at the club with the booze seemingly flowing from the heavens with seductive angles walk around, waiting to greet you to the pearly gates. Who wouldn't want to spend eternity here? Problem that you're not going to see in the pictures and most of the reviews is you don't spend eternity in the strip club. You spend it waiting in line. It would be like if Stairway to Heaven actually is eternity and you never even make it to the top. You think Robert Plant would have still made a song about standing in line forever and ever?

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The Best Ride: Crazy Horse III

ch3bwlogoYou did all the research, checked out all the websites, read all the reviews, and now you are hell bent on checking out the Crazy Horse 3 strip club. All the pictures make your mouth water and your pants bulge. That is the spot you want to go to. After all, with hundreds of out of this world beautiful babes, why wouldn't you want to go. Well, while all the pictures are the real deal, what they don't show you in the pics are the lines. You show up to the club, ready to rock and there it is. The two hour wait to get in. Major flaccid inducer. Even if you decided to spend your entire night waiting in line for the chance to sneak a peak at some of the strippers, you'll be competing against hundreds of other guys just for a single dance. You feel like getting in a bidding war with some dude across the dance floor from you for three minutes of her ass hovering over your pants and never touching you? Why even go to Vegas for that? It's not worth the time and effort you put into it. You know what is though? Spending the entire evening with a sensual beauty who is just as seductive and sexy as any of the girls in the Crazy Horse 3 strip club, only she is able to take it a step further. She is able to go home with you. That should put the yowzers back in your trousers.

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