Ride in with a Private Dancer When You Go to Palomino Club

Club Palomino

So, you've done all your research and you have your heart set on the Las Vegas Palomino Club. If you have your heart set you should probably go, right? After all, a stripper here is unlike any other stripper you are going to find at any other Las Vegas strip club. You've been to the website and it obviously has some of the most beautiful women you have ever seen. But is that really the case? Sure, the Las Vegas Palomino Club has more money to put into itself than some of the other strip clubs out there. That doesn't make it better. It does mean more people are going to be heading that way. If you have ever been in a strip club before, you probably know what it is like to sit in a crowded club where the guys outnumber the strippers 10 to one. Of course, this club is probably nowhere near what the Palomino strip club is, which means on any given night, the men are going to outnumber the women 20 or even 40 to one. Does that really sound fun? Waiting around outside for hours to get into the Palomino Club Las Vegas, then waiting around inside to find a table, only to wait around more to actually catch the attention of a stripper. If you aren't real choosy, you can just go with the first stripper who comes your way and cross your fingers she's good. If not, it just adds to the waiting. So what on earth are you suppose to do? Well, hire your own stripper to enjoy the nightlife. Isn't it obvious?

Why Go When You Can Hire

Let's face it, you are going to the Palomino Club Las Vegas for the girls. Right? The booze you can find anywhere and drastically less expensive. You can listen to that music anywhere, but unless dubstep is like super your thing, you probably don't want to listen to that head pounding, bass thumping music anyways. The furniture, well, you probably don't even want to know where the furniture has been, so chances are you can find better seating options somewhere else. So, unless you really like being around incredibly drunk d-bags, you come to the Palomino Club in Las Vegas for the girls. The website and the advertising make it seem like these girls are superior than other girls out there on the strip. But, you don't need to drop VIP Champagne Room prices to book your own, private stripper. Plus, the stripper is all yours for the night, able to give you the show of your choosing, not just one that lasts the length of the blaring Skrillex song and then they ask you for a $100 drink before moving onto the next customer.

Better in Every Way

With your private stripper, you can set the tone and have her meet your needs. The Palomino Club girls play by their own rules and the rules of the club. They do what they are told and you do what they tell you. That is that, unless you want to get tossed out. You don't want to get tossed out. It isn't a fun thing to do. Back in your own hotel room though, you receive a private performance, where you can supply your own alcohol, and even the mini-fridge booze are cheaper than what you find at the club (probably didn't think you'd ever see that now, did you) and you know the couch in the hotel room is clean. Fact of the matte is, it is cleaner, more comfortable, better alcohol and you can have a more personal, one on one time with your private stripper.  


Get to Know Your Performer

Have you ever tried to have a conversation with a stripper inside any strip club, not just one in Las Vegas? It doesn't really work. Nobody likes a screaming match, and besides, she's just going to ask you the same, general questions that any other stripper is going to ask you in a club (where are you from, what to you do, do you have a wife or girlfriend back home). With your private stripper, you can enjoy your Las Vegas nightlife experience that much more while you and your girl have a fantastic evening.

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