Take a Stripper with You to Sapphire


Wandering down the strip, you probably have only one thing on the brain (especially if you've had a few drinks already). Well, maybe you have three things on the brain: girls, girls and girls. Nothing wrong with that. You're in Las Vegas, so naturally you are going to want to see some girls, and see some girls naked. You'd probably preferably want to have one of those girls naked back in the hotel room, but it's hard to be choosy, especially when some of these girls are drop dead gorgeous. So, seeing them in the Vegas native element of dancing on an elevated table might just have to do. While walking down the Strip, you'll come across all sorts of different clubs, and if you have looked up any of the strip clubs in the city, you've probably come across the world famous Sapphire strip club. This club is known to have some of the best women in the city, not to mention a rather interesting setup. There are skyboxes inside of the club, so you literally can have a birds eye view of all the girls in the club. Nothing wrong with that. Unless, of course, you're just not able to make it into one of the skyboxes, or even into the club at all. What in the world would you do then?

So, why wouldn't you be able to make it inside or catch a dance if you do? Well, while the pictures might not show it when you check it out on the website, but look around the club. Where in the world are you going to get a dance? Right in your tiny little table? In one of the undersized box seats? Unless you want to sit in the lap of another guy who is already there in order to make room for the girl to dance for you, chances are there just isn't going to be much room. This club is really more designed for show and not for you to go and tell others how much you enjoyed the dances you received from the strippers inside Las Vegas Sapphire. When you get a dance, you want it to be sexy and seductive, but you also want it to be comfortable. You'd like to stretch your legs out a bit. You probably also don't want a million other guys eyeballing you and your lady as she rubs all over you. You also probably don't want your lady looking around, trying to figure out who she should go to next while she is in the middle of a dance with you. Probably, the more you think about this particular Las Vegas strip club, the more it just doesn't sound any good at all. So then, what are you going to do about the Sapphire strip club and your urge for a quality dance? Well, you just need to go with a slightly different option. Slightly different, but much, much better. You won't have to worry about getting a table, you won't have to worry about where the dance is going to go down at, and you won't need to worry about guys eyeballing you and your lady while she decides where to go to next. So how do you enter this wonderful Las Vegas strip club? You don't. Because this club comes directly to you.


The Private Stripper Show

You no longer need to wait around for seemingly hours to get into a popular club like the Sapphire strip club, nor do you need to risk going to an off brand club and end up with the B-squad and suffer from the lack of talent. No, with a private dancer, they play by your rules, not the other way around. With the private dancer, you tell her where to meet you, you tell her what to wear, and then, you don't need to worry about anything, because she takes care of it all. Would you rather have a nice, quiet evening, eating dinner, getting to know a beauty while you hold back the urges for a private dance until later? No problem, the private stripper is able to do that. Maybe you'd rather just get to the fun and have her privately perform for you the entire night? Sure thing, she can do that as well. This is really what sets your private stripper apart from the Sapphire strip club in Las Vegas. The high roller, experienced guests to Vegas know this is the way to go. Lines are for suckers, at least unless you have your own stripper with you. You can, if you want, take your stripper with you to the Sapphire strip club. Here, you are going to have a beauty who is just as good, if not better looking than the girls already working at the club, only this time you don't have to wait for one, or pay for every single dance. Your girl is with you for as long as you want, and sometimes having other name girls around is even hotter, because you don't need to worry at all. You have your own.

So, instead of just taking the money and time plunge with the Sapphire Club, why don't you just have a fun time the entire night with your own, sexy and seductive stripper. She plays by your rules, and you don't have to miss out on a second of fun.

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