The Best Ride: Crazy Horse III

ch3bwlogoYou did all the research, checked out all the websites, read all the reviews, and now you are hell bent on checking out the Crazy Horse 3 strip club. All the pictures make your mouth water and your pants bulge. That is the spot you want to go to. After all, with hundreds of out of this world beautiful babes, why wouldn't you want to go. Well, while all the pictures are the real deal, what they don't show you in the pics are the lines. You show up to the club, ready to rock and there it is. The two hour wait to get in. Major flaccid inducer. Even if you decided to spend your entire night waiting in line for the chance to sneak a peak at some of the strippers, you'll be competing against hundreds of other guys just for a single dance. You feel like getting in a bidding war with some dude across the dance floor from you for three minutes of her ass hovering over your pants and never touching you? Why even go to Vegas for that? It's not worth the time and effort you put into it. You know what is though? Spending the entire evening with a sensual beauty who is just as seductive and sexy as any of the girls in the Crazy Horse 3 strip club, only she is able to take it a step further. She is able to go home with you. That should put the yowzers back in your trousers.

The fact that most strip clubs in Vegas don't want you to know is you really don't need to ever go inside to have and enjoy the same kind of adult entertainment. They want you inside because they make a cut off of what a stripper makes, not to mention the jacked up cost of a drink inside of the clubs. If you aren't careful, you'll blow your entire nightlife and your entire lifesavings, so why would you want to do that at all? Just a major buzz kill, and no amount of overpriced cocktails is able to make up for it. You know what can though? Hiring on a personal stripper who can spend the evening with at your hotel.


A Las Vegas strip club is the home base to many of the strippers in the city. It is much easier to win when you have home field advantage and the strippers take full all the benefits they can. Why not flip the odds back into your favor, skip out on Las Vegas Crazy Horse 3 and take the beautiful stripper back to your own hotel room, where it is your domain and where you call the shots. Talk about flipping the night upside down. Now, instead of sitting in a chair your stripper has used to perform thousands of dances, you'll be back at your room, in your bed, in the bathtub and everywhere else in the room you want, because what you say goes.

You can spend a great evening with your private stripper. You don't have to worry about competing with other men around you as she is all yours. You also don't need to even go to the strip clubs if you don't want to. Because after all, the true fun is going to come when you get back to your room. So, might as well build up the anticipation through dinner, a show, the casinos or just an evening out. That way, when you get back to the room, you and your stripper are ready for the real party to begin.

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