Our Girls Show the Best of Hustler's Las Vegas

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You've grown up knowing Hustler and its connection to adult entertainment. Once you discovered that something was indeed more hardcore than Playboy, you probably stuck with it, especially before the age of the Internet where you had to rely on people picking up magazines for you or snooping into your older brother's bedroom. So now, all of your dreams have come to fruition and you are planning a trip to the world famous Las Vegas strip club. With so much attention to the the name, why wouldn't it be the time of your life? Well, imagine waiting to pick up your first copy of Hustler, only to find the wait to get to the front of the convenience store is several hours long. There's a booze shortage in the city and that store, for whatever reason, is the only one selling alcohol. So, you wait around the corner to pick up that one copy of Hustler. Yet, you see all around you locations with strippers and other attractive adult entertainment. The line is moving slowly into the store, but people are walking in and out of all the other stores, copies of other naughty magazines in their hands. If this rather bizarre situation played out, would you stick to your guns and wait in line for that ultimate copy of Hustler, or would you just say screw it, go across the street, and pick up something just as good? Do you really want to spend your entire trip to Las Vegas waiting in line for Hustlers Las Vegas? Ain't nobody got time for that! Well, that is exactly what goes down with the actual Hustlers Las Vegas club. Everyone wants to see the women from the magazines in the Hustlers strip club. While, the women who appear in the magazines only appear in special presentations (which means the lines are even longer). That doesn't mean you need to go home empty handed though. It just means you need to look for a better alternative, where the party starts as soon as you walk into the door and it lasts all night for as long as you want it.

Private Strippers Trump Las Vegas Hustlers

Sure, that sounds like blaspheme. After all, how can anything on the face of the planet be better than a stripper at Hustlers strip club. Well, believe it or not, there are other women out there in the city. Why do you think it is called The Strip? Because everyone is eating New York strip steak? Probably not. No, there are strippers throughout the city, many or which could work at Hustlers Las Vegas. Many don't though because they can make more money on their own. Big name strip clubs charge their girls more money, so while they receive a steady flow of clients, they also have to pay out a larger sum back to the club. For a beautiful stripper who works on her own, she can enjoy the nightlife with other men where she performs for them in private. Doesn't that sound better? Enjoying your time with a Hustler caliber girl in the privacy of your own hotel room? Would you ever thumb through a Hustler in the middle of a crowded room? Probably not (yet why do they sell them at the airport? Somebody must). The fact of the matter is that, beyond the nice advertising that tells you otherwise, you really can have a fantastic time away from Hustlers Las Vegas. You don't even need to go into a strip club to have a great time with adult entertainment. You just need to book your own, private stripper and let the good times roll.


Pick the Stripper You Really Want

When hitting up Hustlers Las Vegas, after waiting hours on end to get inside of the strip club and to a table, with so many other men competing for the strippers attention, you need to basically agree to a dance with the first stripper who comes up to you in the strip clubs. There's just too much competition to try and hold out for the girl you want. With your private stripper though, you can always have exactly who you are looking for and have her perform just for you, without feeling rushed and without having to drop a mortgage payment to buy her a drink.

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