How to Double Dip at Drai's Nightclub Las Vegas


There are two kinds of people when it comes to visiting Vegas. There are those who just kind of wing it and then there are those individuals who like to do research, prepare themselves and find the best way to have fun and to spend time in Sin City. Now, even those who don't do any research are probably going to check out a few of the strip clubs online. After all, if you are going to spend time in Vegas and you want to see some of those mouth watering beauties, chances are you want to know what strippers are the best and who puts on the best adult entertainment show around. For anyone checking out Las Vegas strip club reviews and websites, Drai's Nightclub strip club is going to show up near the top of the list. The party never ends at the club with the booze seemingly flowing from the heavens with seductive angles walk around, waiting to greet you to the pearly gates. Who wouldn't want to spend eternity here? Problem that you're not going to see in the pictures and most of the reviews is you don't spend eternity in the strip club. You spend it waiting in line. It would be like if Stairway to Heaven actually is eternity and you never even make it to the top. You think Robert Plant would have still made a song about standing in line forever and ever?

So what are you suppose to do? Suck it up, get in line and drink as much alcohol before you make it to the club so you don't completely loose your buzz by the time you get in? All of this in order to try and talk to a girl with another dozen men in her back pocket (or wherever she keeps them on her backside, because chances are she doesn't have pockets) or her boyfriend is the DJ? Doesn't really sound all that fun once you start breaking down the events of the night. Now you start double checking to see if your hotel has free Wi-Fi because an evening with the computer sounds better than an evening with a thousand other sweaty guys trying to get that one lap dance from that one stripper. No, you don't need to resort to that at all. You just need to spend your nightlife with one of the Las Vegas stripper beauties.


Obviously, you are one of the smart ones who decides to spend his time researching. After all, if you weren't such a person you probably wouldn't have made it to this website (or if you just stumbled upon it when searching Las Vegas Drai's Nightclub reviews, count yourself lucky). Instead of busting your balls to get inside of a club or skipping out on all the fun that can be had in the city during the day just to walk in at 2pm in order to spend the next 16 hours in the strip club, all you need to do is to book your beautiful stripper here and you'll be in much better shape. Your stripper is on the same level as any of the strippers you'll find at a beach club or Drai's. The only difference is you get to spend your night with her. You can have a blast at dinner while all your buddies are standing in line. You can laugh the night away at a comedy show with your stripper while your buddies are still standing in line. You can take a selfie with your stripper as the two of you get back to your hotel room at the end of the night and send it to your buddies who are now finally at the front of the line. Some people stand in line in Vegas, others hire strippers.

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