BYOG: Bring Your Own Goddess to Olympic Gardens


Who doesn't like naked women 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Add in a second floor and now you're just doubling your pleasure and doubling your fun, but the one thing Double-mint gum has that Olympic Gardens doesn't have is instant flavor. Olympic Gardens is one of the crown jewels in the world of Las Vegas strip club and adult entertainment, but with that crown jewel comes a bit of a price. After all, with fame and fortune comes crowds, lots and lots of crowds, and money, lots and lots of money, in order to fund the venture. And guess where all of the money and time from the crowds comes from? If you guessed yourself, you would be correct.

Jackpot Every Time

Everyone wants to hit the jackpot in Vegas. It doesn't matter if you actually go to a casino or not, you are going to be gambling. You gamble with the food you order at the restaurant. You gamble on the hotel you stay in, whether it is close to everything, if it is worth the price and if the valet is going to take your vehicle out for a joyride instead of parking it. It is all a gamble. Even picking out the right strip club is a gamble in Las Vegas. If you are only in town for a short period of time, you have a small window to pick up the right strip clubs to visit. With the longer lines to get into clubs like the Olympic Gardens, you are betting that this club is better than the rest as it might be the only club you get into. However, as any true gambler knows, when it comes to selecting one versus the field, you always take the field. After all, there are more to pick from and, chances are, there are going to be beauties in the field who can out match what is found with the girls at the Olympic Gardens Las Vegas strip club.

But who do you go with to make sure you cash in on that jackpot? You know the beauties at the Las Vegas Olympic Gardens are able to hold their own, although you do basically kill off your evening nightlife, your pocketbook and just about everything else. How do you make up for that and find something just as good? Well, if you want something just as good, there are other strip clubs you can visit in Las Vegas. However, if you want something better than the Las Vegas Olympic Gardens, all you need to do is hire your own, personal stripper. That's right, you read it correctly. A personal stripper. You know what makes a personal stripper so fantastic? You don't have to wait in line, you don't have to fight over her for other guys, and you don't have to just settle on any girl because you know the one you really want is not going to come to your side of the room. Personal strippers can perform in the comfort of your own hotel room, with your own alcohol and your own set of rules. There really is nothing better than a private stripper, which is why taking the field is almost always better odds than selecting one strip club, even when it is the Las Vegas Olympic Gardens.


Personal and Tailor Made

When you go buy a suit, it basically is one size fits all. Sure, the chest size might be a bit different, and your pants can alter in width and length, but that's basically it. Do you want to look like every other guy out there, waiting in line for the overpriced strip clubs? No, you don't. You want something tailor cut to meet your specifications. Strippers at the Las Vegas Olympic Gardens and all other clubs in Sin City are there to provide more of a one size fits all approach. They give the same dance, say the same things and act the same way from one guy to the next. Even man might as well look exactly the same. But that is not your style. You are a well made man who likes things tailored to your specifics. With your private stripper, you can make sure this happens every night in Vegas.

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