Sofia Brings the Seductive Class

  • Age: 22
  • Ethnicity: American
  • Weight: 112 lbs
  • Height: 5ft 6in
  • Hair: Brunette
  • Languages: English
  • Statistics: B-Cup
  • Hometown: Las Vegas


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Sofia brings home the seductive class, with her provocative, yet elegant look and charm. She gives off the air of importance and how she could fit right at home in an elegant evening dress at an award ceremony or alongside a big name celebrity as they hit center stage for their big performance. While there is a center stage, it is not her man that is hitting it but her instead. When she hits the main dance floor of several of the top Las Vegas strip clubs, it is her that makes sure to bring the elegance as she struts her stuff, walking the floor like a tenured runway model. Her long, toned legs go perfectly with the rest of her outfit as she is often seen with elaborate jewelry designed specifically for her. Often times she can be seen with her hair up as well, stylized after the golden age of Hollywood. One would not be faulted for seeing her and assuming one of cinema's big wigs decided to take a break from acting to show their stuff on the dance floor. Although she hasn't appeared in any Hollywood movies (home movies are another question), she is able to share her seductive and classy appearance with the men who come to visit her. She does have a large number of regulars who come to spend a bit of time with true class, but she always makes time for new friends and gentlemen from all across the globe. After all, while she is seductive and classy, she also has an amazingly friendly side that is always looking to please and to show gratitude to all the attention she receives.

Looking Good in the Spotlight

When Sofia takes to the stage of the many strip clubs Las Vegas boasts, she looks right at home. She looks out into the crowd, as if making eye contact with every single man in the audience, making each person feel extra special. It is almost like she is dedicating each performance to all of the men in the audience on an individual basis. In a way, she is. She is offering up her body and her art form to some of the harshest critics in the world. In Vegas, if one of the Las Vegas strippers puts on a bad set, a bad dance or their private dancing is less than adequate, the men are often not afraid to let them know. Being able to satisfy these critics is so important to Sofia. She knows it is them that come to see her night in and night out, so she wants to leave them with a new show, every single time. Like a group of Deadheads, following the Grateful Dead to every city on a scheduled tour, Sofia has fans who follow her from club to club, just to see her perform and to have the opportunity of catching her in the act. She has that kind of charm and that kind of class. Some of the strippers in Vegas ooze of a naughty, provocative and dirty side, and that is great for her and the men who seek out women with an extremely filthy side to them. Sofia offers men who understand the connection between sexy and classy, so she wants to satisfy their own desires to see such a beauty on the stage.

No Need to Travel

There is no need to go on multi-city tours in order to see Sofia perform. All someone needs to do is book Sofia on a private engagement. Like Little Monsters completely losing their mind if Lady Gaga decided to put on a performance for just a handful of real fans, Sofia often sees the same rabid response by men who decide to bring her into their rooms in order to experience the full fledged, unedited performance she loves to do. This makes her a true treat for a Las Vegas bachelor party, when the men still like a level of class involved. It doesn't mean she isn't going to bring out the boom and show off her naughty side. She does have a naughty side, but it isn't explicitly filthy. It is truly surprising and a bit refreshing just how Sofia is able to combine classy and naughty into the perfect display during her Las Vegas bachelor party packages. She doesn't have the biggest breasts in the world, but she has nice, firm and seductive breasts that aren't over the top or flaunting. It goes perfect with her Hollywood evening wear display. Like Olivia Wilde or Natalie Portman showing up for an awards ceremony, they might not have the largest assets in the world, but they have that level of class most of the rest of Hollywood would kill for. It is possible to replicate large breasts, sluttyness or really anything extremely provocative, but it is impossible to manufacturer class and grace. Sofia has both in spades.

For anyone visiting Sin City but still looking to keep their stripper in Vegas experience a bit on the classy side while still enjoying the adult variation of skin entertainment, Sofia is the girl to make it happen. She is a rare bread, but it is what makes her extra attractive and truly a woman to desire. The air seems to warm up as soon as she walks into the room and everything else in the universe often appears to slow down and stop all together when she graces any location with her presence. From checking her out at the Las Vegas strip clubs to taking advantage of Las Vegas bachelor party ideas, she is the stripper in Las Vegas all men need to experience.