Ruth: The Vegas Pinup

  • Age: 22
  • Ethnicity: American
  • Weight: 111 lbs
  • Height: 5ft 3in
  • Hair: Brunette
  • Languages: English
  • Statistics: C-Cup
  • Hometown: Miami


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Ruth is the patented bubbly girl who always has a smile on her face. It takes a lot to get her down, and even when she is, she's flashing her amazing smile that just lights up an entire room. It is impossible to feel down when around her. She just has that incredible way about her. Everyone instantly falls in love with Ruth when they first see her, and after talking with her, men realize she isn't just a great smile and a fantastic body but an amazing personality as well. Ruth is the complete package and a real treat to be around. She has that pinup Playboy look about her that just screams sexy centerfold without going too over the top into hardcore. She has the looks of a Southern California cheerleader, only sideline sports reporters probably don't like it much when the cheerleaders around are better looking and my energetic than they are. For anyone visiting Sin City, it doesn't matter if it is just for a few hours or for a few weeks, visiting Ruth and having a private dance with her is a must. She brightens the day and makes everything else come to life. She's like rainfall in the desert. When she's in the area, everything around comes to life.

Ruth is an all star in the Las Vegas strip clubs. She's one of the rare all natural beauties that just doesn't need any enhancements. Her c-cup breasts are perky and she has adorably perky nipples to go around with her adorable personality. When talking to her, even when she's completely naked, it is almost impossible to not look up at her smiling face and her dimples. It is like her smile and dimples are combating her exceptional breasts for attention, and often times, it is her smile that wins out over or chest. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. While Ruth did do a bit of cheerleading in college, she played volleyball throughout her career, so she had that firm volleyball booty that has more mind-blowing bounce than the ball itself. Thankfully, she loves to show it off and loves to have fun with the guys around her. When she allows her men to slap her ass on the dance floor, the way it moves is something legends are made from. There are just no words to describe how incredible it is. It is better to simply see it to believe it than to attempt and read about an ass jiggle in word form.

The Las Vegas Stripper Beauty

Many of the girls are jealous of Ruth just because all the attention she gets. With the magazine beauty, she would actually save magazine editors a load of money, as she doesn't need any Photoshopping at all. They could have any part of her body grace the cover of almost any magazine and it would outshine and outsell the other magazines around her image. But seeing her face on a picture doesn't do Ruth herself much justice at all. It is the combination of amazingly upbeat personality and her body that gives her a leg up on the other Vegas strippers performing on the strip. She has a way to get the crowd into it when on the stage. She doesn't just go through a routine, finish up and hit the floor. She has complete crowd interaction. She pumps them up, waving them in and to help them get energized. After all, the strip clubs Las Vegas is known for isn't just about sitting on a chair, sipping on a drink and never moving. it is about fun and entertainment (while also seeing naked girls). Sure, there are always going to be the guys who would just rather lean back in their overstuffed couches and enjoy watching the Las Vegas strippers, but there are plenty of other guys who want to get swept up in the performance and cheer her on while she spins and twirls on the poles. Ruth loves the crowd feedback, almost as much as the crowd loves her.

The Las Vegas Bachelor Party of Dreams

When booking Las Vegas bachelor party packages, often times men just do not know what they are in store for. They arrange for a stripper in Las Vegas to arrive at their hotel, put on a show for a set period of time and then leave. It is difficult to really know what is going to happen and who is going to show up, especially when just calling in a stripper order. While a stripper is a great way to start off any Las Vegas nightlife, having such a bubbly beauty that can bring even the most bashful guy to smiles and to cheer on the show is a special way to kick off every world class bachelor party. Ruth is a great catch for a bachelor party, especially if the guy who is getting hitched has never had a lap dance before, never been into a strip club before or just is a bit hesitant. Ruth has a way of making it all better and her smile pushes away any sort of intimidation. She is very approachable and talkative, which is why every man should have the opportunity to enjoy a lap dance and a stage performance from one of the best and most friendly strippers in Vegas. There just is nothing like Ruth, her body, her beauty and her personality. She's the once in a lifetime pinup stripper who is readily available and super easy to talk with.