Stay in Doors When it's Rainy Out

  • Age: 21
  • Ethnicity: American
  • Weight: 109 lbs
  • Height: 5ft 6in
  • Hair: Dark Brown
  • Languages: English
  • Statistics: B-Cup
  • Hometown: Los Angeles


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No matter what the weather is outside, it is always Rainy inside. With the Las Vegas stripper beauty Rainy, there is always moisture in the forecast. How much is really up to her and her dancing guest. She knows how to get the blood flowing and the juices pumping, all with a single look. She has a seductive appearance about her that she can fire her sharp look across the room and almost any man is instantly going to be hers. Of course, having fully natural c-cup tits and a killer body at her disposal helps as well. She has the right curves in the right spots and doesn't have a bad angle at all. Her figure eight figure curves around a solid booty that is testament to all the work she puts into looking good while not working at one of the many popular Las Vegas strip clubs like Cheetahs, Crazy Horse or Larry Flynt's Hustler. Those who see her often swear they have seen her online before, featured in some of their favorite adult time videos. She may have appeared in them. She may not have. What really matters is she could star in any adult movie if she wanted to, but right now she is staring in the perfect lap dance.

If Looks Could Kill

It is a good thing looks can't kill, because if they did, there wouldn't be many people left standing in all of Las Vegas. Like an evil villain, she could destroy the world with her laser piercing eye sight, burning down buildings and mowing through men by the thousands. Thankfully, that isn't possible (at least yet anyways), so Rainy's super powers are limited to capturing the mind of any main and forcing all of the blood out of the head down to his lower regions. As she watches this transformation take place and his pants start to bind, she simply looks down, then back up to his eyes with a seductive smile. Now that she knows he's prepped and ready for a dance, it is time for her to make true magic happen.

Rainy is very hands on and she is extremely warm to the touch. Sometimes there is nothing better than a warm rain, and Rainy proves that to be the case. She often takes the hands of her man and runs them up and down her body, stretching down from her neck, down across her perfectly tailored C tits and down to her hips. Once around her hips, her man better hold on for dear life, because she's about to activate lift off, and if the man isn't careful, he'll blast off to, which might prematurely end his Las Vegas nightlife for the evening. At least until he can return to his hotel room for a change. But, if that does end up happening, well, it means it probably ended up being the best dance received from Las Vegas strippers he has ever received, and there's nothing wrong with that at all. After all, that is why there are two rules when visiting Vegas. Number one, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and number two, pack extra underwear.

More Than Just The Las Vegas Strip Clubs

Rainy takes her own personal weather storm out of just the different strip clubs Las Vegas is known for so others are able to experience it. Sometimes it is just so much better to enjoy the strippers in Las Vegas inside of a hotel room than back inside of a strip club. While in a hotel room, it is a more intimate, personal experience. Rainy can devote her entire time with the guys who are throwing the party. This usually means a Vegas bachelor party, although there are just those who want a seductive stripper inside of their hotel room, putting on a private show. With the kind of fan following Rainy has, it can be tricky landing that one ultimate dance with her while at the strip clubs Vegas has around the city. Instead, when booking her for a private Las Vegas bachelor party, it is possible to simply have her show up at the hotel or other set location and to get everyone revved up on the spot. Besides, should Rainy make the wood go hard then soft, at least the change of underwear is readily available (and maybe the other guys in the group won't notice). The best of the best strippers in Vegas know how to work a crowd and they know how to work with any of the outlandish Las Vegas bachelor party ideas. Pretty much, if it can be thought up, it has been requested for a bachelor party. From dressing in latex to popping out of a cake and far more outlandish and even twisted ideas, Rainy has heard it all. Whatever the ideas are for the Las Vegas bachelor party packages and the excitement everyone is looking for, she can make it happen, take the men by their hands and have them hold on tight, because often times when there is rain in the desert, there is also lightening and thunder.

The next time someone is planning a trip to Vegas, they need to make sure it includes a bit of rain. Rainy performs both private parties and at some of the different strip clubs in the area. Of course, knowing her exact schedule from day to day can be challenge, so for anyone not interested in checking into every single club on the strip, the private party is the way to go.