Mia is Toned and Ready to Entertain

  • Age: 26
  • Ethnicity: American
  • Weight: 112 lbs
  • Height: 5ft 9in
  • Hair: Brunette
  • Languages: English
  • Statistics: D-Cup
  • Hometown: Miami


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Hey there, I'm Mia and I'm all about fitness. I work out at least once a day just to keep my body in tip top shape. My toned abs can grate cheese, and my DD tits are what every man in the world has been dreaming about since he realized breasts are fantastic play things. I love to put on a show, but I also love to keep it seductively classy. I'm essentially the Amy Adams of the Las Vegas stripper world. My colorful eyes dazzle in any light and my hair, swopped off to one shoulder, invites men to check out my long neckline and beautifully symmetrical face. Now, when I really want to get my man excited, I just slowly have one button pop on the front of my blouse, exposing just a bit more of my breasts one button at a time. I play this game because with every button I pop, I can tell he is that much closer to popping his own pant's button from the built up internal pressure. I always make sure to look down and admire my handy work though. Seeing the thick impression of his member pressed against his pants while I pop another button gets myself fired up from the inside out. He's working hard, so I should be to. That is why I hit the Las Vegas strip clubs with the intent to leave it all out on the dance floor. Besides, with a killer body like this, I'd be crazy not to show it off.

My Favorite Workouts

Oh, I have so many favorite workouts. I try to switch it up every day, just to keep it interesting. After all, it just isn't possible to do the same thing over and over, every single day, without getting bored of it. The worst thing in the world is boring. The last thing I want to be is boring and ordinary, so I'll do different exercise moves during the day while I work out, and I'll witch up my dance moves every night while working the strip clubs Las Vegas has for me to work in. Some nights I'll do just my legs with the poles. My thighs are tight and toned, so I can hold up my body and look at the crowd while I pop that final button on my blouse and free my tits from the caged clothing confining them. Other nights, I'll do more arm work, twisting and turning from one pole to the next, eventually slithering up to the men who are kind enough to give me some money for a quick rub into my chest. I love the smell of a man with just a bit of hair product in. I'll run my hands through his hair as I engulf his face into my breasts. I'll always breathe deep and take in that musk. Maybe I'll give him a little bit extra and pull him in closer for a more personal touch and feel should I prove enthralled enough with his hair and smell. Those are important to me, hair and smell. But that doesn't mean I don't love my bald guys. Whether the heads are neatly shaved or just nothing is there any longer, there is something about running my hands over the smooth head skin that turns me on as well. Each man has something sexy that I know turns me on. It is just about finding it in that brief second when his head is compressed into my chest. Either way, I'll switch up both my daily workout and my nightly entertainment workout. I have to stay perfectly toned and hot if I want to remain the Amy Adams of Las Vegas strippers.

Get Personal With Me

When I can rest and take a break from my on stage performance, I enjoy getting a bit more personal with the men in the club. Some men like to rub my neck, and I must say, I've met a few that are pretty dang good at it. I could honestly just sit there all night and take that neck massage. But it isn't about me getting all the pleasure. It is about my men receiving theirs. That as why I'm a stripper in Vegas and why I don't just give the private dances in the strip clubs, but also private dances at Las Vegas bachelor party events and gatherings. I want the men to have the best experience possible, and what better way to ring in the last few days or weeks of single life than a perfectly taught and toned women with hugs, firm tits and a killer body working and dancing on him. He may never have another change at receiving dances from strippers in Vegas, so I make to make sure he goes out with a sure fire bang. It doesn't really matter what sort of Las Vegas bachelor party packages or Las Vegas bachelor party ideas are thrown around for the event. All I know is it is my job to see him off from this stage of his life and into the next stage of his life.

Whether visiting the different Vegas strip clubs or looking for a private show of a lifetime, I'm available for both. I want to make sure everyone is happy, but with my tight and toned body with all of the goodies, I really can't envision someone being disappointed. This way, instead of just showing up and hoping for a good stripper in Las Vegas, all someone needs to do is message me to see what I'm doing or if I'll do a private event.