Martina Brings the Heat

  • Age: 23
  • Ethnicity: Hispanic
  • Weight: 117 lbs
  • Height: 5ft 2in
  • Hair: Light Brown
  • Languages: English/Spanish
  • Statistics: DD-Cup
  • Hometown: Bogata


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Martina is bringing the heat and she wants to make sure every man around her feels it. Not to worry, she'll never burn, but she will make men start to sweat and dry out their mouths with a single look at her body. Her banging DD tits are off the hook and as all natural as they can be. She's the Colombian beauty who has the incredible rack and the juicy booth to go along with it. For men who like assets and need something to hold onto when receiving that mind blowing lap dance, Martina is one Las Vegas stripper that should never be passed up. Like a fine Caribbean rum, she's sweet with a bit of a kick. Thankfully, her kicks don't hurt and her heat doesn't burn. She's the complete package of fun and excitement. It's just important to catch her now, because someone else will and might keep her for the rest of the night, never to let her go.

It isn't everyday a woman walks in the door with big, firm, natural tits, no gut, curves and a booty. This combination just doesn't come about every day. In fact, it rarely comes about at all. She likes to hide away her breasts when she first walks to the dance floor. Her seductive South American accent helps give her an exotic vibe to it, while her wave, sandy brown and blonde hair lights up on stage. Her toned, flat stomach and slap worthy ass already capture the attention of every single man on the stage. There is nothing like a glorious booty on the dance floor to stand men at attention. However, it is when she busts out of her bra, revealing one of the world's most perfect pair of breasts that causes widespread, short term amnesia. Every man in the Las Vegas strip clubs watching her at this moment completely forget their name, where they are from, where they are at, or even what day it is. All they know is Martina, is hot, she's got a killer body, and they need a dance. This. Very. Instant.

Cha Chas and Ta Tas.

Getting that private dance form Martina can be work. She has so many suiters after she performs on stage it can be tough buy to move past anyone waiting for her. Of course, tossing a few bucks on stage while she's still dancing is one of the greatest investments in the history of ever. A few dollars to have her world class tits rubbed in a face is on par with being given the Eiffel Tower and an Easter Island head statue for free for a birthday present. No, scratch that, there probably isn't anything better than her breasts rubbed in a face. The real deal beats fake head any day of the week.

For those lucky enough to receive a private dance from Martina, they world is about to change for the rest of their life. They are going to see colors more vibrantly around them. Everything is going to taste more pronounced, they will hear things clearer and have a better sense of smell. Martina awakens every single sense on the body and exposes it to experiences and elements never before enjoyed or encountered by the dance recipient. The only problem with Martina as a Las Vegas stripper is the fact that she probably is going to ruin any other stripper in Vegas for the lap dance recipient forever. Nothing can top it, nothing can beat it, so everything else is just second best. But, after all, there is a reason why the wait for her private dances is so extensive and why everyone leaves her private dance weak kneed and loopy. Like receiving an extended massage and being released out of a trance at the very same time. Once the individual is able to come back down to life and have some sort of semblance of what is going on around him again, he isn't going to stop raving about the dance for the rest of his life. So, for any buddies along with him, it is best to go along and opt into a dance as well. After all, nothing is more annoying than a loan friend who has experienced something incredible and just won't shut up about it. At least this way, the multiple guys can share strip notes.

The Las Vegas Bachelor Party

Probably the greatest of the Las Vegas bachelor party ideas to come about occurred when someone decided to include Las Vegas strippers with the bachelor party. The two go together like peanut butter and jelly. One is sweet and smooth, the other is sticky and nutty. Martina does do requests and help perform special shows for the man of the hour to make sure he is happy with his entire time in Vegas, but instead of checking out the different strip clubs Las Vegas is famous for, he can save time and just have the beautiful and luscious Martina come to him and his buddies. Besides, everyone is going to want to seek out Martina anyways, so popping into Hustler's Cheetah's and a half dozen other strip clubs just to find where she's performing isn't advantages of someone's Las Vegas nightlife. It is much better to specially book her for the private event. Should the private booking not take place though, let the chase begin, because no Vegas vacation is truly complete until someone receives a private lap dance from the one and only Martina.