Lacy is Set to Make Any Man Unravel

  • Age: 23
  • Ethnicity: Russian
  • Weight: 102 lbs
  • Height: 5ft 1in
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Languages: English
  • Statistics: B-Cup
  • Hometown: Moscow


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Everyone always remembers their first time with a Vegas stripper from Russia. However, everyone remembers every time they are with me. I'm the Russian stripper from Moscow who likes her vodka chilled and her men ready for fun. I don't need any of that mixer or chaser with my drink. I don't roll like that. Mixing vodka in Russia is frowned upon and I've been drinking it since practically from birth. I can hold my liquor while the men I dance for hold my tits. Hopefully that sounds like a nice arrangement for everyone. After a few drinks I'm nice and loose and ready to put on a show from the motherland. While similar to what some of the other Las Vegas strippers might put on, there is something very European about the way I move and the way I dance. Plus, with my Russian accent, I just have that extra bit of seduction to take my time with my dance parter over the top.

I don't like to play games. I get straight to the point. I'm here to dance, I'm here to dance for me and I'm here to get both of us turned on. That's right, I'm not afraid to say it. I want to get hot just as much as the men I'm dancing with. What's wrong with that? We both might as well get a bit of blood flow down there at the same time. Doesn't that make it better? I mean, who likes to get a sexy dance from someone who just isn't into it? When that is the case, the entire dance is just fake. I mean every single movement I make during my dances when men. I love to feel them against me while I perform the special lap dance just for them. I love to take their hands and run it down my body, over my breasts, around my ass and over almost every inch. They trained me well in Russia. I want to share my training with visitors to Vegas.

Pull My Hair and Call Me Names

I love it rough. After all, when a girl drinks her vodka straight, she doesn't bitch around. Sure, I like the nice touch of flowers or the occasional back rub from time to time, but I like it rough and I want it given to me rough. I love it when I position a man in his chair and I bend over in front of him, ass rubbing against his thighs and he pulls my hair back, as if he is dry riding me. Not too hard, but enough to give just a bit of pressure. He should smack my ass too. Make me moan. I like it. Smack me harder. Yes! Spank me fucking harder I've been such a naughty stripper in Las Vegas, I need to be punished! Yes! So f-ing hot. I keep extra panties in the back locker room, so no worries about getting me too turned on. I go through panties on a work evening like water. But they are pretty soaked when I flip them aside, so I guess that makes sense. Then when I lean back I want him to squeeze my tits as I push my back against his chest and raise my leg over to the side of the chair. He needs the proper angles for me to rub against and for him to grab me.

Hitting up the Las Vegas Bachelor Party Scene

I don't just take my performance to Las Vegas strip clubs. I'm all about getting the men I dance excited anywhere. I do it in the clubs and I do it outside of the clubs. I've had the standard Las Vegas bachelor party ideas where I come in, strap down the soon to be married bachelor, spank him snd then ride him. I've had other times where I give private dances in the back of limos, in helicopters, private planes and really anywhere else on the ground and in the air. Some people really take their Las Vegas bachelor party packages to the extreme. Honestly, being in the air while giving him a dance was incredible. Looking out the window of the helicopter while pushing against the ceiling in order to get better leverage, I had to apologize at the end of the booked time for ruining his pants. I don't think he minded. But when dealing with the best strippers in Las Vegas who like to get out of it just as much as they put in, it kind of makes sense that it would happen from time to time. I've had guys apologize to me fro ruining their own pants, so to each their own and it all comes around.

The Las Vegas nightlife is truly second to none. I love every second I'm out and about. It doesn't matter if I'm just stopping by one of the strip clubs Las Vegas is known for or if I'm performing for a private party, everything I do is with meaning and everything I do is going to be done for the enjoyment of the man and my own personal enjoyment. After all, there is no reason why we both should have a bit of fun and excitement while I perform the dances. I just hope the man I dance for next is ready for a no holds bar babe with solid tits, a sexy body and a don't take prisoners attitude. If he is ready, we should have a blast.