Kiki Wants to Show Her Kinky Side

  • Age: 22
  • Ethnicity: American
  • Weight: 102 lbs
  • Height: 5ft 2in
  • Hair: Brunette
  • Languages: English
  • Statistics: C-Cup
  • Hometown: Miami


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Hey there, I'm kinky. Well, I mean my name is Kiki, but I'm pretty dang kinky. Don't believe me? Well, I guess I'll just have to stop and show anyone who questions me. One look at me though and it is pretty obvious I have a wild side. Wild and crazy says it all, but in a good way, of course. I'm fun and outgoing, so when paired with kinky and crazy, well, let's just say I'm the girl who never turns a dare down and is always the first one to try something. I like to heat up my audience with my style of dance once I hit the Las Vegas strip clubs and all the different dance floors each have. I'll switch up my music, my costume, my makeup and really everything else, just so I can surprise everyone with what I'm about to do. It helps me feel alive.

Get Yo Freak On

Who's ready to get their freak on? I know I sure am. I don't really care what someone's personal freak is or what sort of activity gets them going, I'm pretty sure I can make it happen on the stage. There is this little number I do. It is kind of hard to explain, but it's pretty evident when I do it. Every good stripper in Vegas has their own special moves on the stage. If they don't, well, they just aren't vary good Vegas strippers and should probably go back home to wherever home is. As for me, my home is Vegas. it has been my home since I moved out here at 18. I was big time into cheerleading in high school and, well, I kind of liked to do things that didn't really mesh well with what the coach wanted. I made the cheer squad much less innocent than what the school stood for. But hey, what can I say, I'm really not that innocent. I learned all the high jumps and leg kicks and mastered all the seductive moves. I'm not really sure what they expected. They were basically just teaching us stripping 101 without actually having us take our clothes off. I just happened to graduate and move up to stripping 201, and now, well, I hold a master's in shaking my bum and making men cum (while they watch me move, of course).

Cheering for a New Team

It's not that I didn't love to cheer. I was just a bit too...liberal for them? Is that the right word? Maybe I was too progressive. I'm not really sure. Either way, I continued on with my skills here in Vegas at the different strip clubs Las Vegas is known for. On any given night, it isn't out of the ordinary to see my don a cheerleading outfit when I take the stage. Of course, I've made a few special modifications to the outfit myself, so, it shows off a bit more than even the old administration thought was too provocative. And the boots. I love the damn boots. High heeled laced up Converse. It is like someone took Jenna Jameson and put her in the Breakfast Club and BAM! there's me, Kiki.

I know how many guys have always had a bit of a fetish for cheerleaders. Unless the guy was homeschooled, just about every single guy in this country has had a thing for a cheerleader at some point in time. While some of those girls might have been good for nothings, I'm so much more accessible. While I'm wild and crazy with that seductive side of kink, I'm also very approachable. If I think someone wants to talk, I have no problem coming up, sitting in their lap and just looking into their eyes. Often times they are speechless and can't say a word, but I can feel their excitement. I think I like that a whole lot better now than ever before, but that is just me. I'll have to just see what the next guy is feeling. It is, after all, an entirely new adventure every single time I perform and every single time I give my special lap dance to a new gentleman, because he is going to be experiencing it for the first time, and I get to see the look on his face for the first time.

Las Vegas Bachelor Party

Coming to Vegas for a bachelor party is such a great idea. I don't really know why every guy doesn't come here. With all the amazing strippers in Las Vegas, there are probably a thousand girls to every bachelor. Who doesn't like those numbers? I try to make up for all the guys that don't come to Vegas for their bachelor party with the guys that do. I'm into all sorts of different Las Vegas bachelor party ideas. Of course, I like to offer my cheerleader outfit, and that is always a fan favorite, but there are so many other options and ideas I'll go with. Really, whatever the men say go, and I am happy to satisfy. There is nothing like the appearance of a guy who is both happy and a bit surprised as to just how amazing I am. But after all, when someone first meets me, they have no idea just how kinky I'm going to be, and along with kinky comes naughty. I'm just looking forward to the next party I can get to, because there are all sorts of different things that can happen, all behind closed doors in a hotel room.