Sexy Katrina is Here for Your Stripping Entertainment Needs

  • Age: 28
  • Ethnicity: American
  • Weight: 121 lbs
  • Height: 5ft 7in
  • Hair: Brown
  • Languages: English
  • Statistics: DD-Cup
  • Hometown: Miami Beach


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Are you ready to rock? I said, are you ready to rock...out with your cock out? You'll have to keep it away when I arrive, but you should have yourself some fun right now to prep for when I arrive. I know you want to. When I start to dance, I can see it in your eyes and that tightening bulge in the pants of every other man in the room. It's alright. It turns me on so much when I see it. If anyone looks closely enough while I'm dancing for them, I bet they can tell. There's a reason why I wear a white g-string when I start out. I want to make sure everyone can tell just how turned on I really am. And that is just the beginning. When I'm done, everyone in the room, outside of the room, and even that horny little dog wandering the parking lot will be satisfied. So, what is it going to be, are you up for some fun?

I'm not some ordinary Las Vegas stripper. I'm all natural, which is so much better. Sure, fake tits are fun and all, in the way that fake teeth work in a pinch, but everyone wants real ones. I can't say I've ever heard someone say they like fake tits better than real before when the size is the same. They are just so much funner to touch, have more bounce back and I can feel every single time I rub up against the men in the Las Vegas strip clubs or while performing at a Las Vegas bachelor party. So, before anyone asks, I just want to clear it up. Yes, they are real and they are spectacular.

Let's Get the Party Started

I love nothing like a good party. Just so I can get my groove thang going and feel the beat pulse through every inch of my body. it is what gets me up dancing and moving. It's also what leads me to the stage. I love to be on stage. There are some Vegas strippers who just want to stay on the floor and mingle. Of course I love to talk with the men at the club. Getting to know the guys and what they think of my performance is fantastic. But I live for the spotlight. Once my track flips on I'm almost a completely different person. It takes a special skill to be able to do what I do on eight inch heels (some of which light up while I walk, I mean how cool is that?). I've taken years of gymnastic classes. My mom wanted me to be a gymnast while growing up. Ha, sorry mom! Let's just say, as my breasts started to grow, so did my desire to perform in front of men so I could see their pants grow bigger as well.

The feeling of getting a bit naughty with the guys while I'm on stage burns a fire inside of me. Seeing every guy at the stage toss a dollar onto the floor just gets me wetter and wetter. It has nothing to do with the money. It's all about them being turned on and wanting to have his face against my body. So, I make sure to give him a bit of fun he isn't going to forget. From grabbing his head by both sides and pulling it down into my pussy to getting on my hands and knees so he can get the full view of my delicious ass in front of him, I want to perform and I want him to enjoy every minute of it.

What to do, What to do

I've been wondering for a while, should I get a tattoo? I love my silky, smooth body and pure skin the way it is, but I'm always curious about it. I'm also wondering where I should get it. I love to get any kind of input from men. I want them to show me where on my body I should get it. Maybe they can slowly point out exactly where it should be. The only problem when I do this is the men seem to find it hard to point out the location. Maybe I should stop giving them a lap dance while I ask. But it's alright. I just tell them to point with their cocks, and I seem to get the idea of where I should get my tattoo. But who knows. I think I need a bit more input. Maybe at the next Las Vegas bachelor party packages I perform at I can have some of them point out where I should have it. I just have one rule. It needs to stay small. I'd like for it to be a little secret, so the only men who see it are the men I perform for. Of course, with all the different people I perform for as a stripper in Vegas, I guess it wouldn't be much of a secret.

So, I have to ask, have you been rocking out? I hope everyone is prepped and ready for me. I know I am. Everything about performing just sets me loose and turns my motor on to the point of no return. From offering up some pretty incredible Las Vegas bachelor party ideas to showing off my gymnastic side as I perform at the different strip clubs Las Vegas is famous for, I'm all about leaving the men satisfied, yet still wanting more of me, my smile and my incredible breasts.