Jody is the Fiery Redhead of Every Man's Dreams

  • Age: 22
  • Ethnicity: American
  • Weight: 102 lbs
  • Height: 5ft 2in
  • Hair: Red
  • Languages: English
  • Statistics: C-Cup
  • Hometown: Miami


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This is Jody. She is the fiery redhead every man has been dreaming about for years. Her attitude is just as attractive as she is and she is here to help take the good parties and transform them into legend. Whether performing at one of the local Las Vegas strip clubs or making private appearances at a Las Vegas bachelor party, there is nothing Jody isn't able to do and there is no person Jody is not able to get excited. There's just something about the way she moves and walks that turns on every single man who lays eyes on her. She commands the room when she walks in, and when she pulls out her perfect sized tits, time just seems to stop. Everyone around fades to black and it is nothing but her. She's center stage, moving in slow motion and nothing else matters. Nothing, but Jody.

Keeping it Real

Jody loves to keep it real. She moves around to some of the different strip clubs Las Vegas is known for, not because she prefers one over the other, but because she just likes to switch it up. The same is boring, and if there is one thing true about Jody, she is anything but boring. She's fresh and exciting. She beings an entirely new look to the term "Las Vegas stripper" and she wants to do for her onlookers what no other stripper has been able to do. And, before anyone asks, yes, cuffs and collar do match this luscious redhead. Of course, she has no problem showing to prove it. There's just one warning. While Medusa turns men to stone, Jody turns men to puddles of water. With one look of her soulful eyes, one look of her erect and supple breasts, or one flash of her pussy, every man is his. Some men can last a bit longer than others, but no man can completely outlast Jody.

Jody loves to put on a good show, and she always puts on her A game for both the clubs and for Las Vegas bachelor party ideas. She is completely into new ideas. It keeps it real and it keeps it fresh. For men who are looking for something different, unique, original or even out of this world, Jody can do it and take it to the next level. It is what makes her the delicious snack to satisfy everyone's tastes.

Cinnamon Never Tasted so Sweet

A cinnamon muff never looked so good. With the slight glow of perspiration as she moves about the dance floor, it looks sweet, like a forbidden fruit that is just slightly out of reach, and even thought it might be just beyond a fingertip, it is intoxicating and enticing, making it impossible to ever look away. Every man has always dreamed of that perfect redhead, Jody just happens to exceed every single thought and desire of a perfect redhead. She transforms the natural beauty and harnesses it, all while making it look all to easy while she does it. She is a natural in everything she does and in every inch of her own body. Her silky smooth skin feels incredible against whatever lucky bastard is receiving a dance from her, because whenever everyone else in the room wants to be him, he is truly lucky.

Las Vegas strippers who are better than the rest make a name for themselves. They are often known for their perfect ass, their larger than life tits or just something else that drives men wild. Jody is one of the few strippers in Las Vegas that puts it all together. She wants to share though, so for someone who just happens to be in the right club as her, they better take a seat close to the stage, because something amazing is about to happen. For men looking for the perfect Las Vegas bachelor party packages, she is the one that everyone is going to want to talk about when they get back home. Even though whatever happens is suppose to stay, there are just certain things that can't not be talked about. Everyone knows where they were when hearing the news of John F. Kennedy. Everyone remembers what they were doing when they heard a man walked on the moon. And everyone is going to remember where they were and what they were doing when they first laid eyes on Jody. So, it is time to treat oneself, and while actually tasting that bit of sweet, sugary cinnamon might not ever happen, this isn't a look, don't touch kind of girl. Bring her in for a lap dance and performance and this stripper in Las Vegas is going to encourage, if not ask for touching.

The Secret Ingredient is Always Cinnamon

Whenever eating something for the first time and it sets the taste buds in a spiral of ecstasy, the secret ingredient is seemingly always cinnamon. Just a dash into anything just takes the blandness and transforms it into something different. It's a bit of sweet, it's a bit of salty, it's a bit of nice, it's a bit of naughty. Whatever it is, the perfection of it is not lost, yet words are unable to describe just how incredible it is. That is Jody. So, for anyone who is looking for that perfect stripper in Vegas or wants to enjoy the best Las Vegas bachelor party ever, Jody is here, and she's going to make sure it is the night everyone remembers for the rest of their lives. Just as long as they don't mind being turned into complete puddles of water after seeing her.