Jessica is Ready for Your Las Vegas Bachelor Party

  • Age: 22
  • Ethnicity: American
  • Weight: 105 lbs
  • Height: 5ft 5in
  • Hair: Brown
  • Languages: English
  • Statistics: DD-Cup
  • Hometown: Miami


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Hey there, I'm Jessica and I've been waiting for you to stop by. I'm a very sensual woman who loves to be treated like a real woman. My silky smooth skin and my firm, natural tits are perfect, and I might just have a small tattoo somewhere down south that I can show someone special, if they are good to me. As I perform, my long, dark hair is going to tantalize the senses, tickling the face while the smell awakens the inner soul. I'm the stripper in Vegas that not only knows how to put on a good show, but knows how to make her man feel right in every way possible. I'm a stripper by profession, and truth be told, I love what I do. I love the look on men's face when I hit the dance floor with my long legs, strutting up to the pole to the beat (love me some Daft Punk bumping in the background). I'm all legs on the pole, that way, as I twist around, I'm free to pull off my top and toss it to the ground as I watch the eyes of men, firmly pierced to the visage of my perfect breasts, revealed for the first time to them. It get's me going when I see the look on their faces. Let's just say I probably don't need any extra oil on the pole as I spin. I make my own lubrication.

I know my strip clubs inside and out. I'm a regular at several of the Las Vegas strip clubs, and I'll bounce around between a few, depending on the night and the style they are going for on that evening. I'm a big cosplay girl, so if there is some sort of a dress up event somewhere, I'm there. I'll don my Princess Leia slave girl outfit from time to time, chain neckless and all, but that one is a bit overdone. That's why I love to go at it from a different angle. I'll hit it up with my specially designed Darth Vader slave outfit. Vader mask with specially designed bra, panties and boots. Once I hit the floor wearing that, let's just say it really activates the men's lightsabers and I know they'd love to fire their proton torpedoes down my exhaust port.

I'm a fun loving girl looking for a fun time. It's why I do both club shows and private shows for bachelor parties around the city. I know the city very well, so it doesn't matter where much to me. I've done shows at the seediest of hotels and I've even had one or two private stripper shows out in the desert. That really was interesting, and it is true what they say, sand gets everywhere. But I love every minute of it. I love not only showing off my perfectly toned body to men and seeing their expressions when I reveal to them what they have been fantasizing about, but I also love just getting to know the men at the clubs and at the private parties. After the initial performance and opening act, I'll sit and chat with them. Sometimes it is a bit hard to get the men to look me in the eyes, and maybe it is because I'm still naked while I'm sitting next to them and their eyes are wandering to other places on my body, but that is alright, I like it.

For private parties and bachelor parties, I can do just about any look my host wants. I can deck myself out as the slutty school girl that everyone loves, or the teacher with a sexual desire yet to be unleashed and is dressing far too modest for her incredible body. I can walk right in dressed like a stripper as well. I'm good with anything and everything. My hair is a dark brown, but I have a few wigs if there is a certain fantasy the group is going for or if they need a certain color. I don't care. As long as I can get naked at the end of it, that is all fine by me. In fact, I kind of like it when I'm asked to dress up in different costumes that are new. It adds an entirely new bit of excitement to me. It is like I'm acting out a new role for my clients and guests and they are the very first ones who are able to see it and see me perform.

To me, stripping is the perfect combination of erotic art form and stage performance. It takes a lot to be a great stripper. Anyone can take their clothes off, but only few are good at it. I can tell, from the standing ovation I receive from men's pants, I'm good at it. And I'm always one for an encore. I want to leave a great memory in the minds of everyone who sees me, so no matter if I am performing at the club or inside of a hotel room, limo or at some expo that is in the city for the weekend, I'm always going to leave everyone feeling satisfied and yet wanting more. Like that incredible piece of cake. It's so good and it is so amazing, that while everyone is full when it is gone, everyone longs for another piece. I'm the cake that satisfies the sweet tooth and calms the cravings, but as soon as I'm gone, the cravings and desires are stronger than ever before. Which is all right by me.