Fern is Here to Help Your Wood Grow

  • Age: 23
  • Ethnicity: American
  • Weight: 102 lbs
  • Height: 5ft 2in
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Languages: English
  • Statistics: B-Cup
  • Hometown: Washington D.C.


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Fern is the perky blonde every guy has fantasized about since the day they started noticing women. There is just a way in her seductive and playful eyes that suggests she always knows something that everyone else in the room doesn't. Her smile can bring a new level of energy to everyone around her, and her blonde hair dazzles and grabs the attention of anyone who passes by. She's a natural blonde, not one of those want to be blondes who were jealous they didn't have blonde hair. She also has a nice pair of firm, perky B-cup tits, perfect for holding onto without all the extra baggage. She's the perfectly proportioned Barbie who is looking for her Ken. The only thing different here is there is no plastic. She's the real, authentic Barbie and she wants to show all the boys what playing with the real thing is actually like.

Between Two Ferns

Fern loves to perform in front of her men. When she hits the Las Vegas strip clubs, she is in an entirely new element. She is a performer and entertainer who is always looking for a way to please those around her. She loves to take her tippers and press their face between her breasts, allowing them to smell her perfume while her sent lingers around their body. She wants them to enjoy the moment against her silky, perfect skin. Then, when she lets the men go, she can see both the excitement in their eyes and the disappointment, once the realization that their time with her body has come to an end. At least, until they decide to tip again. Once they do, the entire experience starts all over again.

Fern is all about saving the forrest. So, naturally, she tries to help grow as much wood as possible. Thankfully, she doesn't seem to have much of a problem with that at all, as new timber begins to grow rather quickly with every single man she passes. it is just up to her to decide how quickly the forrest around her grows. So, the next time anyone is worried about deforestation, all they need to do is come see Fern at one of the strip clubs Las Vegas has and Fern performs at. She'll make all of those worries and troubles go away.

The Best of the Best Las Vegas Bachelor Party Ideas

If there is one thing needed to make a bachelor party truly a bachelor party in Vegas, it is a Vegas stripper. Now, there are all sorts of Las Vegas strippers who can arrive and put on a few dance moves for the group of guys. However, for the true Vegas stripper experience, it has to be a blonde. Everyone, deep down, knows they want a blonde. While seeing a tight, toned body is always great, and nobody is really going to complain if they have a brunette or redhead, they all are going to both secretly and often verbally say they wish she was blonde. Fern is that blonde that answers all of the different hopes for the perfect Las Vegas bachelor party packages. As soon as she walks into the hotel room, everyone is going to know they made the best decision possible. That wicked and seductive look she is able to fire off at every single man will keep them in their seats while they instantly become jealous of the man of honor. It wouldn't be the first time a man went out into the Las Vegas nightlife and proposed to a random girl, just so he could be the man of honor with Fern the following night. It wouldn't be a bad investment either. There are only a handful of perfect blondes out there in the world and Fern is one of them.

The Blonde Beauty of Dreams

Some men go in search for treasure long lost for thousands of years. Other's search for cures to the world's most deadly diseases, while some are searching for possibly the most important artifact of all. The perfect blonde. Finding one can sometimes seem next to impossible, and just when someone believes they have found the item of their search, it is whisked away by the sight of died roots. After years of searching, the men have to go back to the drawing board to find a new map capable of leading them to the correct location of the long lost blonde. The authentic treasure map is right here though, and it leads the way to the long lost blonde beauty of dreams. While Dr. Jones once said "X never, ever, marks the spot," blonde hair and a neatly trimmed landing strip sure due. So, for men who have been spending their entire life searching for such a beauty and a treasure, their search is quickly coming to an end. All they need to do is either visit Fern while she performs in one of the strip clubs Vegas is known for, or, better yet, to hire her for their Las Vegas bachelor party. Even if nobody is being hitched or calling it quits to their bachelorhood, they can still hire her for a private performance. It is an experience sure to be long remembered and should not be skipped out on. So, if someone is already booked for their Vegas trip, now is the time to book Fern. Even if there is no current Vegas trip planned, now is the time to book Fern and then go about planning the trip, because true blonde treasure awaits.