Let Candice Show the True Meaning of Down South

  • Age: 24
  • Ethnicity: American
  • Weight: 115 lbs
  • Height: 5ft 7in
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Languages: English
  • Statistics: DD-Cup
  • Hometown: Atlanta


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Hey y'all, I'm Candice and I'm a sweet Georgia Peach! Nothing is tastier any time of the year than a ripe peach from the great state of Georgia, and after one dance with me, I'm pretty positive any man or woman is going to agree that is truer than fiction. They make us a bit different in the south, so I'm looking to show off the true meaning of heading down south. Let's just say there is a reason why I never wear panties on stage or while dancing. I wouldn't be much of a sweet beach if I covered up my sweet and tender fruit. In Georgia, when you drive past one of the peach farms, you can just smell the juiciness and you instantly start craving it in your mouth. The same thing is true with me. While I'm performing on the dance floor, men just see me, hear me, smell me and they know they instantly want me. Often times I'm sure in their mouth.

I'm the perfect mixture of sweet and sass, friendly and naughty, all rolled into one. My full volumed blonde hair is instantly noticeable from across the room. It is often the first thing people notice when they walk into one of the Las Vegas strip clubs I'm working at. While on stage, the ever changing light moving to the beat of my music theme reflects perfectly in my hair. Of course, my selection of country rock kind of gives away the fact that I'm the one on stage as well. I mean, don't we have enough Skrillex in our lives to switch it up a bit on stage? I want the men I'm dancing for to enjoy the entire event. To feel as if they are down at home on the farm with the farmer's daughter giving him that perfect, one on one dance as the top of one of her overalls pops off, revealing her breasts. Nobody needs the seizure inducing robot music. But that's just me. I'm southern and I'm country and I love every minute of it.

Vegas Stripper with a Smile

When I flash my brilliant smile and my pearly whites to my dance recipient, they instantly just melt in my hands. It's hot down south, and some men just can't take the heat, but that's alright because I'm here to help. Everything is slower in the south for a reason, so I like to take my time with my private dances. It isn't just about having a gyrating ass in your face, slapping your nose like a provocative Three Stooges routine. No, I want it to be much more enjoyable and slowed down. I find it much more intimate when everything is slowed down. I want my man to hear every single breathe I take. I step up to straddle his body. Breathe in. I place my my hand right on his shoulder to get into position. Breathe out. I guide his hands up to my perky b-cups and have him feel my nipples firm up with excitement. Breathe in. I take hold of the side railings around me and slowly start to slide my inner thighs down his own so my blonde hair is running down his face and my mouth is right by his ear. Breathe out. Going slowly, he can feel my silky smooth skin. Every muscle in my body. He can take in the different aromatic notes of my perfume as his stubble rubs against my cheek. Like my sex, I like my dances slow and meaningful, with every moment emphasized and purposefully. I think we both get much more enjoyment out of it when it is done this way.

The Las Vegas Nightlife

There is just nothing better that someone some Las Vegas strippers in the middle of a hot summer night. Of course, it is a bit counter productive as well. Walking in off the street into the strip clubs Las Vegas is known for to cool off, only to be hit with the heat giving off by the strippers in Las Vegas. Oh well, I guess there's a reason Las Vegas is in the middle of the desert. You couldn't have all of these strippers in Vegas in the middle of the snow and ice. It would just melt it all. You can't blame us for melting ice caps and global warming. We are here in Vegas.

I try to stand out and be my own me as a stripper in Las Vegas. The sweet twang of my accent always hangs in the air a bit longer than the welcomes coming form the other girls. It just is my sweet southern accent that I have had all my life. Some told me to try and hide it when I got here, because some looking for Las Vegas bachelor party ideas wouldn't like the thought of a twangy blonde from Georgia giving them their dance. I have found it to be the exact opposite. As a Las Vegas stripper, it is about standing out, not falling in line, and it is my twang, my blonde hair and my sweet Georgia peach that makes me different. It is also why I love all of my repeat dance requests. It is impossible to head down south without falling in love. I want to welcome my men to the sweet south with the view of my own sweet south, and maybe if they are up for it a slow, provocative lap dance.