Brea is Here to Grant Three Wishes

  • Age: 23
  • Ethnicity: American
  • Weight: 112 lbs
  • Height: 5ft 7in
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Languages: English
  • Statistics: DD-Cup
  • Hometown: Los Angeles


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Hi there, I'm Brea and I have three wishes to grant. No need to stop and think, I already know what the three wishes are. Blonde hair, big tits and a shaved pussy. Poof! There, wishes granted! I had it figured out before being asked, I'm just that good. I'm the genie who knows wishes before anyone says a word, but I do come to life when someone rubs my lamp. So, obviously someone has summoned me, because here I am, blonde hair subtly blowing in the wind, firm, DD tits sitting here, perky and ready for action, and my tight, shaved pussy, glistening from excitement. But ah ah ah, no touching until I say so. It isn't a good idea to anger a genie. After all, I do have magical powers and can control men's minds. I just have them stare deeply into my tits and not look away until I say so. When I'm done, their mind is mind and I'm able to do with them as I please. But people shouldn't worry. I'm not going to do anything mean or anything. Naughty, oh yes. Dirty, you better believe it, but mean? That just isn't in my character. Unless someone defines mean as dancing provocatively with my pussy only inches away from their face while they are memorized and unable to move, well then yeah, I guess I can be mean, from a certain point of view.

I Work Hard, I Play Hard

I can't really call myself a genie or grant people wishes involving my body without maintaining my body in tip top shape. I can't really grant someone three wishes that includes a muffin top, cottage cheese and a healthy dose of deflated titties. As a Las Vegas stripper, that doesn't really work, and nobody wants Deflategate 2.0 only with sagging boobs instead of a football. That just isn't good for anyone (and when it comes to tits, PSI really does count). So, to make sure all of this works out for everyone and that my men get exactly what they actually are wishing for, I make sure to hit the gym hard every single day. I want to stay hard, so I do everything hard (and yes, when I say I do everything hard, I mean EVERYTHING). This way, I work off everything and keep my body fit and toned. That is really important when hitting the Las Vegas strip clubs and performing on the dance floor. Soft is just not good at all when standing on a stage, in front of gentlemen who are just a few inches away. They can see everything. No shade of purple or blue lighting can hide imperfections when that close to someone, so I make sure to avoid these kinds of problems by making sure I simply do not have any imperfections.

People come to the strip clubs Las Vegas is famous for in order to see the best of the best strippers. Not to boast or anything, but I'm probably the best Vegas stripper anyone is going to encounter while they are in town. After all, I'm blonde, and everyone knows that blondes do it better. Like, everything better. The big boobs and tight body are just additional perks to add to my Las Vegas stripper resume.

Let's Get the Party Started

Who is ready to party? Obvious my bachelor buddies, that is for sure! People don't come to Vegas to have a Las Vegas bachelor party at a video arcade or on the Hoover Dam. Um, yeah, no thank you. Fun things to check out when there are a few hours, but let's face it, it is better to spend a few hours with me, my smoking body and my wet from excitement pussy instead of some giant, sand dam that is holding back the moisture. That sounds like a pretty easy decision to me. That is why, when the different bachelor parties come to town, I'm ready for all of their fantastic Las Vegas bachelor party ideas. Of course, I bet I can guess their three wishes before I arrive at the hotel. But who knows, maybe one of these days a nice young man will surprise me with a different wish. If that ever happens, I'll try my very best to make it come true. Oh, let's face it, I won't have to try very hard. I'm pretty confident in my stripper Vegas abilities that I can do all of that and more.

There is nothing better than performing before men. I love the way my body feels when I perform. The way the slight glitter of perspiration trickles through my breasts and down my tight abs. It almost tickles my body and brings it all to life. I use my body as an instrument, and it plays the men around me like a fiddle. There isn't a note I can't hit with my instrument, and every single note I play is music to the ears of the men watching me. I just want to make sure what the men see is worth their time in Vegas. Most men come to town from a long ways away, so there is nothing better to me than for them to spend their Las Vegas nightlife with me the entire evening. After all, when I have them memorized, I don't like to let go until I have done all sorts of nasty and naughty things to them. Of the strippers in Las Vegas, I'm the one that makes wishes come true.