Everything is Hotter in Brazil

  • Age: 21
  • Ethnicity: Latina
  • Weight: 112 lbs
  • Height: 5ft 4in
  • Hair: Dark Brown
  • Languages: English/Spanish
  • Statistics: C-Cup
  • Hometown: San Juan


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Everything is hotter in Brazil, so with a name like that, people know they are in for something special. Brazil is hot and sexy in all the right places and she hows how to work every inch of her body to make every inch of a man's body go crazy and burst with anticipation. She is one of the few Vegas strippers who is able to take it to the next level, every single night, to the point where she is doing things even experienced patrons to Las Vegas strip clubs have never seen before. But that is just the way she likes it. She likes to keep everyone on her toes. Everyone from the men she dances with to the DJ to even herself. If it isn't out of the ordinary and out of this world hot, well, it just isn't Brazil.

Brazil Brings the Heat

As soon as her song hits the strip club's audio system, everyone knows it is time for a bit of Brazil. The way her booty shakes as she struts up to the poles and how her heels click with importance. Everything she does seems seductively natural, yet it is all precise. Everything is in place and everything is right where it should be. She seems to turn from nowhere to face that one gentlemen in the crowd who has been fantasizing about her for years, looking through his eyes and deep inside of his soul. Of course, just about everyone who has seen Brazil has been fantasizing about her from the moment they see her Vegas stripper profile or from the moment they walk into the different strip clubs Las Vegas is known for where she is working. She just has that visual lasso she can cast onto men, tighten it up and never let go, all without saying a word or ever touching them. Everything is hotter with Brazil, and she knows it.

Keeping Everyone on Their Toes

Some Las Vegas strippers like to stick to the same routine or the same kind of music every time they hit the floor. It is what they do, people know what to expect when they go see them at the clubs and they know how the private dances are going to go. This is not the case with Brazil. She surprises everyone every single time she enters the club. Some nights she has the DJ put on a rocked out classical remix and showcase her incredible circus skills she learned while understudying for Cirque de Solei. Other nights, she'll walk in dressed as Black Widow or Storm from X-Men and whip up a frenzy in the crowd. If they ever recast comic book movies with hotter looking strippers, Brazil would be the first to receive a part. And yes, she is that much hotter as Black Widow than Scarlett Johansson. If that doesn't get men fired up, well, there are a few male strip clubs on the other side of town they might be a bit more interested in.

Showing it Off for the Las Vegas Bachelor Party

Not everyone is able to spend their honeymoon in Brazil, but it doesn't mean the guys can't spend their bachelor party with Brazil. As one of the best Las Vegas bachelor party ideas, every party needs that one stripper who turns up the heat when they walk in to the point where someone is rushing to turn down the thermostat, just to cool off. Brazil loves to play games when she is hired on for different Las Vegas bachelor party packages. She's not one to just walk in, give a few dances, show off her fine, banging body and then leave after an hour. No, she is much more interested into playing games and to even tricking some of the guys. She sometimes comes in dresses as the maid with a room service tray, only to suddenly bust out her tits and have her ass slung around the man of honor. Other times she appears as the hotel management, pretending the men are in big trouble...because they are about to get big and hard at the sight of her dance. She even loves to find out when guys are into something from pop culture or what their favorite movie is. She has no problem decking herself out in blue body paint and welcoming men to her world of Pandora as an Avatar. Brazil knows and understands satisfying the deep down fantasizes someone has is the key to truly exciting and turning a guy on. So whether her male dance recipients have always had a thing for banging slave girl Princess Leia, or Styler from Breaking Bad just gets them going (for whatever reason), she wants to bring the fantasy to life and turn it into a reality. Not everyone gets to play out their reality in real life. With Brazil though, people play them out every single day.

In order to truly experience just how hot it is with Brazil, it is time to make the private reservation with this Las Vegas stripper. Sure, it is possible to explore the Las Vegas nightlife and hope to run into her at the right strip club, but she may be appearing at a variety of clubs on any given night. So, to make sure someone can experience all the glory that is Brazil, booking her is the only way to go about it. Best of all, the weather is always hot and humid with Brazil, no matter the time of year.