Alisha Proves Some Dreams do Come True

  • Age: 19
  • Ethnicity: American
  • Weight: 98 lbs
  • Height: 5ft 1in
  • Hair: Red
  • Languages: English
  • Statistics: Q-Cup
  • Hometown: Chicago


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Hi there, my name is Alisha and I'm here to prove that some dreams do come true. Every man has a secret woman they have been dreaming about. That girl next door they first looked at when initially noticing women for the first time. That innocent girl from across the way who always seemed to know something they didn't and to have a bit of seductive mystery hidden behind their eyes. Every single boy who would see such a girl would always fantasize about the girl in their room, at night and when they thought nobody was listening. While tastes of women have changed, as have their desire for certain females, the longing for that original girl, the first crush from across the way remains. I'm here to prove it is possible to wish for years and years to have it eventually come true. I am the answer to all of these dreams and thoughts from millions of men from around the country. But only a select few are able to experience this dream come true. The lucky few needs to come visit me at one of the Las Vegas strip clubs or set up a personal, more intimate stripping and dancing session.

Tour the World

If I could, I'd tour the world, spreading the joy of dreams come true. I'd be like Disney Princess's on Ice, only for horny men instead of children (alright, the two are often one in the same). I would spread the joy of fulfilled dreams by stripping for each man in the country, giving them the peak at my perky little tits, the feeling of my ass rubbing against their pants covered dick and the ability to see me dance over them. By doing this, each and every man could finally have a close to one of their longest fantasies and dreams and move on with their lives. However, alas, I'm just one innocent Las Vegas stripper, and while I want to make as many men happy as I can, I just can't tour the entire world. My place is here, with the different strip clubs Las Vegas is known for. But I do my part to satisfy as many men as I can, every single night and every single day when I work days. I'm kind of like the Dali Lama combined with Jenna Haze. Pure compassion and pure naughty, sexual fantasies, all rolled into one. it is what makes me me, and it is what helps me enjoy being a Vegas stripper. Who knows, maybe I'll reincarnate in my next life as a the seductive Dali Lama, spreading joy and satisfied sexual dreams throughout the world.

Stripping for the Las Vegas Bachelor Party Crowd

Strippers in Vegas and bachelor parties go hand in hand. Really, a bachelor party, a true bachelor party, is just not able to go on without at least one Las Vegas stripper, if not multiple strippers in Vegas. It is kind of an unwritten rule. Kind of like baseball. The entire sport is based on unwritten rules, but everyone knows what they are. The same is true with Las Vegas bachelor party ideas. There is the accepted notion that all bachelor parties in Vegas are going to include strippers. I could only imagine, flying half way across the country with the man of the hour, only to find out he didn't want to see any tits and ass. Like, what? What would be the point? Might as well just stay in Springfield or Dayton or whatever and enjoy whatever in the world is offered there. The Las Vegas nightlife is beyond different, and it is completely welcome to all fetishes and desires for Las Vegas bachelor party packages. That is exactly why I love to dance for these parties. Before the bachelor is married away to the love of his life, at least he can live out a few dreams and fantasies. He's probably been thinking about that girl from next-door for years, if not decades. He probably has even pretended his finance has been her while making love (I know I'm guilty of pretending hook-up partners are other people they are not), all because he has the fantasy he has not been able to move past and live out. With my skinny and taunt, girl next door figure, he can finally live it out and enjoy every single minute of it.

There is nothing like being one of the best Las Vegas strippers. I love that I don't have big tits but instead I'm skinny, small and perky. Some men completely love the feeling of small tits in their hands while I give them a private dance at one of the strip clubs. There is just the feeling of something different. They love to know I don't have every inch of fakeness in my body and I'm all real and all natural. Sometimes it can be pretty damn hard to tell when someone is real and when someone is fake. It has just gotten that incredible as of late. But with me, there is no doubt about it. From my perky boobs to my tight, exposed abs to my juicy little booty that I love my dancing mate to slap. It is all amazing to me. It is kind of funny that I myself am living out a bit of a dream of my own and that being a stripper in Las Vegas has turned into such a passion. I have found out first hand dreams do come true.